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There are a lot of customers out there that are constantly evaluating businesses. Businesses have a duty to provide a service to their customers so this idea is natural. Having a business with a good culture is a great way to get customers in the door. One thing that is evident is that business culture truly does affect customer experience. People who go into a business where the culture is not great never have a good experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • A business culture tends to reflect the core identity of the company, as well as the feelings, values and behaviors of those in the business entity.
  • Treating customers well goes hand in hand with treating employees well, as disgruntled staff will reflect poorly on an organization.
  • A company where the staff shows poor morale and their is constant turnover does not reflect well with customers.

“I don’t know any business that doesn’t say it values its customers. But to consistently deliver a positive experience to customers, a business needs a strong culture behind it. While businesses may not set out to treat their customers badly, a poor company culture has a habit of shining through.”

Read more: https://thebossmagazine.com/customers-company-culture/

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