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Sluggish Shopify Store Killing Your Profits?

If you know your store could be performing significantly better by loading faster, keep reading…

It’s no secret that your profits suffer tremendously without Shopify page speed optimization.  If your pages take longer than 3-seconds to load, impatient visitors, especially on mobile, are quick to leave empty-handed after you’ve already paid to get them to your store.

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Typical results you can expect from our Shopify Speed Optimization Service

Here are the 5 top reasons slow-loading
pages are leaking profits.

Lower Conversion Rate

Poor user experience forces would-be customers to leave in frustration suppressing your store’s conversion rate.

Increased Cart Abandonment

There’s nothing more annoying as a store owner than seeing customers fall at the last hurdle before completing a purchase. Slow-loading pages skyrocket this metric.

Higher Bounce Rate

Visitors arrive at your store eagerly wanting to spend money but leave before they’ve even clicked further.

Lower Search Rankings

Google openly admits that page-load speed is a key ranking factor. Slow-loading stores, particularly on mobile are routinely leap-frogged by faster competitors in the search engine results.

Higher Cost-Per-Click

As with SEO, Google penalizes slower stores with a higher cost-per-click than faster competitors.

KISSmetrics Study:

A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% decrease in conversions

What Causes Your Shopify Page Speed to Suffer?

What Causes Your Shopify Page Speed to Suffer?
Your Shopify store needs to be in the green for these three Core web Vitals metrics to avoid being suppressed by Google.

Fix Your Shopify Core Web Vitals

Not only do your visitors expect a seamless shopping experience but Google uses the experience of a page as one of its key SEO ranking factors. If your store has a bad user experience, your Shopify core web vitals assessment will be shown as ‘failed’.

The goal is to get your store’s HTML code loading smoothly. A good score for Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), for example, is less than 0.1.

And for Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), under 2.5 seconds is needed for an acceptable user experience.

A higher First Input Delay (FID) score is gained when your store responds quickly to user interaction. If your store is slow-loading and forces users to wait a long time before being able to click on anything, the score will be lower.

We’ll fix your Core Web Vitals to ensure your store passes with flying colors.

Beware of Cheap Shopify Page Speed Optimization 'Gigs'

Why? Because these gig providers often add a code snippet that detects when tools like Google Lighthouse, GTmetrix and Pingdom are checking your store…  

This sneaky code recognizes these page-speed tools and disables slow-loading scripts, styles and functions to give you an artificially high score.  But in reality you’re no better off, your store isn’t any faster for actual shoppers and your SEO won’t improve.

Not only that but often their rushed ‘optimizations’ break something in your store and you don’t even realize until after you’ve left a 5-star review excited about the short-lived fix you just paid for.

What’s worse is they can often over-optimize your image file sizes leaving you with grainy, low-resolution product images that turn customers away in droves.

When we optimize your Shopify page-load speed it’s done the right way with lasting results.  Plus we thoroughly QA everything to make sure nothing’s broken after we’re done.

Because of this, the optimizations we do are long-lasting (unless you install a new app that is sub-optimal or you tamper with the code after we’re done).  

What’s more, we won’t make you promises about 77+ mobile scores either.  Ultimately Shopify has its limitations and no amount of optimization will overcome the inherent limitations we’re stuck with.

What About Using a Shopify Speed Optimization App to Optimize My Store?

What we do is WAY more effective than using a speed optimization app.  That’s because we do a deep optimization of your code, line-by-line rather than relying on an automated app that could never do this job properly.

What’s more, the app itself would be contributing to your store being slower so it doesn’t make sense to add the burden of another app to your store.


A 2-second delay on mobile decreased conversions by 26%

How it Works

How it work

How We Increase Your Shopify Page-Load Speed

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Let us optimize your Shopify store, see how fast it loads and how your scores skyrocket.  If you’re not happy with the dramatic improvement, we’ll restore the backup and refund you in full.

Boost Your Shopify Store’s Performance
Better Than Ever Before

Pick The Perfect Plan For Your Store

A wise choice for stores WITHOUT a lot of apps or customizations
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Most Popular
Perfect for stores that have a theme over 1 year old and have installed/uninstalled a lot of apps
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Ideal for high-traffic stores that have a custom theme & have installed/uninstalled a lot of apps
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Why is Shopify Page-Load Speed
Optimization So Important?

User Experience

A fast-loading store gets better engagement. This not only means more sales but also is an indicator to Google of a ‘worthy’ site, improving your paid and organic traffic results.


Google openly states that site speed is a key ranking factor for its algorithm. If your store loads slowly, your search results will suffer.

Lower Cost-per-Click

Paid ad platforms like Google & Facebook both take page-load speed into consideration and reward you with a lower cost-per-click.

Improved Conversion Rate

Streamlining the time it takes someone to go through each of the steps to make a purchase significantly improves conversion rate, particularly on mobile.

Increased Revenue

It’s a no-brainer that the more people that complete your checkout, the more money you’ll make. Plus, it stands to reason that if they aren’t irritated by slower pages they’re more likely to take you up on upsell offers.

More Customers

Scaling your business isn’t just about getting more customers, it’s about getting them to spend more (higher AOV) and more often.


If your store is less than a year old and you haven’t done any customizations or added more than 12 or so apps, Essentials is a wise choice.

Pro is the perfect choice for stores that have a theme over 1 year old and has custom code and you have installed/uninstalled a lot of apps.

Enterprise is ideal for high-traffic stores that have a custom theme & have installed/uninstalled a lot of apps.

Once we review your store, if we feel you’ve selected the wrong package, we’ll contact you about upgrading to cover the extra work involved.

Unlike cheap gigs, we don’t take any shortcuts so yes, the page-load speed improvements will last.  The only caveat is if you tamper with our code or install a sub-optimal app that adds clunky code to your store.

Absolutely, we’ll fully optimize your Shopify store’s page-load speed,then see how fast it loads and how your scores skyrocket.  If you’re not happy with the dramatic improvement, we’ll restore the backup and refund you in full.  We’ll also give you free support for 14-days after completing the work.

No, that’s why we’re not the cheapest option out there. We take a lot of care to make sure everything is working properly before asking for your approval to make the new version of your theme live.

No, we don’t need to access your customer or payment information, just your theme and app settings.

We never work on your live theme, we only work in preview mode by creating a copy of your theme.  Before implementing the changes we test everything so there is no room for errors.

No, everything we do is ‘behind the scenes’.  If we spot a major page element or app that’s causing speed issues we’ll make a recommendation and get your approval before taking any steps to remedy it.

Not without your permission. We aim to work with the apps you have but if there are any ‘culprits’ causing major issues, we’ll make recommendations and get your approval before taking any steps to remedy it.

Unfortunately not, the checkout pages are on ‘lockdown’ by Shopify so we can only optimize your pages controlled by your theme.

Absolutely! We know that the majority of your traffic is coming from mobile and that Google penalizes sites with poor mobile performance so we pay close attention to mobile.

In most cases, we deliver the work in 6 working days.  Sometimes it might take up to 10 days if your site has a lot of customizations.

The changes we make are permanent and if nothing else changes on your website, in theory there would be no need to buy this service again. However, whenever you add new images or apps or new functionality to your store it may eventually need to be optimized again.

Yes, in addition to our guarantee, you get 14-days of free support to iron out any bugs you might find.  Having said that, we don’t often hear from clients about any issues as we have a very thorough QA process before handover.

This is totally normal for all of the major tools.  It’s because the loading time and page speed score rely on a plethora of factors including server response time and third-party resources such as ad or tracking snippets which neither you or us have any control over.

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14-Day Money-Back Guarantee