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If you are someone that is trying to grow your social media, you must begin to think differently. It is something that does not come easy for many people but it can be done. Whether you are trying to build your own personal brand or a business, you need to be creative in your content. First and foremost, you should appeal to the demographic of people that you are trying to target. They are the backbone of your business. Want to learn more? Keep reading to know more about the best social & content marketing tips.

Key Takeaways:

  • One strategic way to up the ante in the content market arena is to make use of high-value, well-made videos.
  • To get more attention when you post on social media, you should tag significant newsworthy individuals and influential stars and brands.
  • Cross-promote yourself by tooting your own horn on Instagram about a podcast or blog you do on another site.

“Chances are, you already have some kind of content marketing or social media strategy for your business. But how much of an impact are your posts actually making? If you want to step it up a bit, it helps to get input from the experts. Here, see what members of the online small business community have done to make their own social and content marketing and take it to the next level.”

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Bradley is a Conversion Rate Expert and store owner since 2005. He’s helped some of the world’s most sophisticated brands to double and sometimes triple their conversion rates. He architected the #1 unofficial Shopify theme, Shoptimized™ and is also CEO of Funnel Buildr, the perfect tool for massively growing your store’s Average Order Value.

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