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Social commerce is an important tool for merchants. There are a lot of apps that make social commerce easier. One app is Amazon Spark. Amazon spark allows users to follow and shop stories. Instagram now has a “shoppable post” feature which allows people to tag and shop directly from the platform. Facebook integrates with a plethora of other companies making it easy to shop directly from Facebook. Pinterest also supports a “shoppable pin” feature allowing a seller to reach all of its users with a buy and click feature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovation is making it possible for consumers to widely accept social commerce. Right now, one can find buy buttons and other features that make shopping simpler.
  • One such app for social commerce is Amazon spark. User can discover products through product postings and share or comment on product posts. They also earn badges for content.
  • Instagram is also into social commerce with its introduction of Shoppable posts that users can use to tag and shop for products.

“There are social networks with new tools for commerce, and there are additional tools to help merchants make their products social.”

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