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Basic Info

What is Shopify?
Shopify is the world’s most powerful e-commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, at a retail location, and everywhere in between.
Do you make themes for other platforms, like WordPress?
Shoptimized™ solely creates, designs and develops themes for the Shopify platform.
Is it possible to transfer my shop from another platform?
Yes, you can usually import products via CSV from many other different store platforms, for more details see the following article – Import Products
Can you custom design shops?
Yes, please contact us and we can provide a quote for you.
Do you offer any other web services?
We offer a scope of Theme Setup services, designed to help you get your shop up faster and looking its best from $99. We also offer Theme Tweaks to execute custom changes to your Shoptimized theme, get in touch at [email protected] for more details.
Do you offer an affiliate program?
Yes, you can sign up for the Shoptimized Affiliate Program if you would like to refer clients or friends to our themes. We only pay out to existing customers or affiliates who generate more than $500 in commissions.
How do I setup my store?
When you buy the Shoptimized™ theme you get full access to our comprehensive and easy to follow instructions on setting up the theme for your store.

If you’re looking for more generic Shopify store setup instructions, there are plenty of resources available on Shopify’s own website.

Do I need a Designer/Programmer for my store?
We’ve designed the theme to be as flexible and configurable as possible but also made it simple to use. You would only need a designer/developer if you wanted to custom code something that the theme doesn’t do natively.


How do I install a theme?
Please see the following article for guidance – Publish Themes or watch the video below:

How do I set up my theme?
You can customize numerous parts of your theme (including fonts, colors, page formats, etc.) with the built-in Theme Settings (Admin panel > Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme).
How do I upgrade my theme?
The following article contains a detailed guide to upgrading your theme – Updating Themes.
How long does the Theme Setup service take?
Once we have all the required data and information regarding your shop, we attempt to finish the setup within 5 business days.
Can you help me add new features to my theme?
While there are often small changes or options that we can help you with through our Theme Tweak Service, contact us for more details at [email protected]
Do I need SpeedBoost Ninja App if I buy the theme?
It’s not a requirement but we’d definitely recommend it for any theme, not just ours. This is because Shopify’s code arrangement is sub-optimal in the eyes of Google PageSpeed Insights and page-load times.

The SpeedBoost Ninja App reconfigures the code so your store achieves a higher PageSpeed Insights score and a faster page-load speed.

This way your store will load faster, improving your conversions, particularly on mobile. It will also improve your organic search rankings bringing you more free visitors. Finally, your improved load time will lower your paid ad cost-per-click.

What are the Shoptimized™ updates?
We have a team of seven developers constantly working on new features and improvements. We release regular updates to remain compatible with new apps and Shopify platform updates.

We also regularly release new Conversion Boosting features to save you even more on app subscriptions.

Is the Shoptimized™ theme available in other languages?
We’re working on adding various languages including Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Spanish, Portuguese & French. Please contact us if you’re looking for other languages not listed.
Do I have an option to enable/disable features on the theme?
Absolutely, just because we have dozens of Conversion Boosting features doesn’t mean you should use them all. In fact, we recommend you test each one to see what converts best for your store. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for e-commerce. Your store, your brand and your audience and the way they respond will be very different from the next store.
Can I customize the Theme?
Yes! The theme is fully customizable and that’s one of the main reasons people choose Shoptimized™ over other themes.
I already have an existing theme, would I lose all my products and have to start from scratch if I switch to Shoptimized™?
Not at all, all your products, collections and content are preserved. Shopify makes it easy to switch themes. Even with Shopify’s entry-level plan, you can have up to 20 themes on your store. You can switch between them simply by clicking ‘publish’ on the theme you want on your live storefront.

You can also setup and configure the Shoptimized™ Theme as an unpublished theme so you can make the switch once you have it looking the way you want it.

Purchase + Pricing

When you purchase a theme is that a one-time fee?
Yes, unlike other themes, you get free upgrades and support for 12-months and you only pay a one-time fee, unless stated otherwise.
Can I trial a theme before buying it?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer a trial. You can view our demo store to see how the theme looks and performs.
Can I use the theme for multiple shops?
All of our themes are subject to a one-store license, so if you want to utilize the same theme in several live stores, you’ll have to purchase multiple licenses.
Do you issue refunds?
Since our themes are intangible, unalterable computerized products, all themes purchases are final and non-refundable. Our support team will bend over backwards to help resolve any issues you have.
Why is the Shoptimized™ Theme not available in the Shopify Theme store?
It’s no secret that Shopify rarely accepts new themes into their marketplace. This is because they already have a comprehensive range of design-led themes.

But whilst it still looks great, the Shoptimized™ Theme is built for conversions. Where other themes are built by designers and developers that don’t understand the principals of persuasion, the Shoptimized™ Theme has been architected by conversion rate expert, Bradley Long to help turn more of your clicks into customers.

On top of that, the Shoptimized™ Theme includes the same functionality as several popular conversion boosting apps. This is something that Shopify doesn’t encourage because it cuts-off additional revenue for them from the app subscriptions you would need to make a generic, design-led theme convert better.

Lastly, because we’re not in the Shopify Theme store, we don’t have to artificially increase our prices to be able to share the revenue with Shopify. By downloading your copy today, you get a premium quality theme that will boost your conversions, plus support 7-days a week, all without the premium price tag.

The Shoptimized™ Theme has been the #1 unofficial Shopify theme since 2015 and thousands of stores in dozens of countries are using it to help increase conversions, sales and profits.

What does 3x store license mean?
Each Shopify store that you want to install the Shoptimized™ Theme on will require a license key. You can purchase a single store license (Basic Package), three store license (Pro Package) or ten store license (Ultimate).

Most people purchase the Pro Package to take advantage of the generous discount compared to a single store license. This is because many store owners plan to create multiple stores as they grow their e-commerce empire.

Are there any monthly/yearly fees?
When you purchase you get a lifetime license plus a full year’s access to our heroic support plus free theme updates whenever we release a new version. The renewal cost for support and updates is here.
How do I get the theme, does it automatically upload to my store?
Once you have purchased, you’ll be emailed access to our members’ area where you can log in and download the theme. Then it’s a simple case of uploading the theme file to your store. This video shows you how:

Am I able to purchase the Basic Package now and upgrade to the Pro or Ultimate package later and only pay the difference?
Yes, as long as it’s within 30-days of your initial purchase.
Does Shoptimized™ work with all Shopify plans?
Yes, it works with all plans.
Is it necessary to pay for the service to setup the store?
No, we’ve designed the theme to be as intuitive to use as possible and we have also provided step-by-step instructions inside our members’ area.

But if you’re short on time or you’d rather let us do it, then our Theme Setup Service is a great way to get up and running quickly.


Do you provide phone support? What about Skype or Facetime?
We don’t offer telephone or video call support as of now. We can keep our support services available and cost effective by offering them solely online.
What is the scope of your support?
Our support includes general inquiries regarding theme functionality; help with customizing the theme settings and any observed defect or theme issues. It doesn’t cover issues, such as errors due to third- party plugins or as an after effect of changes made to the theme code. For the full details on the extent of our support, please visit our Support Policy page.
What if I need help with Shopify issues?
General shop inquiries, such as uploading products, creating collections, adding discount codes, managing domains, etc. can be best addressed by reaching Shopify Support specifically and/or by checking on their broad documentation accessible in the Shopify Manual.
How do I reach you when I have a specific question?
You can reach us anytime through our Help Desk. You need to give key details along your inquiry or question, such as which theme you’re using and your shop URL (and password as well, if the shop is locked).
How fast do you respond to support inquiries?
We aim to give feedback to all requests within 24 hours, but please allow 1-2 business days for the response. Our support team is primarily based in the Eastern Standard Timezone and is available during standard business hours, Monday to Friday. We have a weekend staff to answer basic queries too.
Help! I need urgent support. What can I do?
For immediate assistance, the best option would be to contact Shopify Support as they maintain a 24/7 phone and online chat service.

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