E-commerce Testing Methods – Creating a Shopify Sales Monster

What is the best way to execute e-commerce testing methods? When it comes to your Shopify store, there’s nothing that works 100% of the time to convert prospects into customers. On the flip side, there’s nothing that fails 100% of the time either. If somebody wants something bad enough, they’ll jump through hoops to get […]

Does Free Shipping Increase Sales? (Yes, But…)

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Does free shipping increase sales? What’s the one-word people go crazy over? If you said “sex”, you’re a pervert. Kidding, it’s a good answer. That was actually most of my team’s answer when I asked them. I work with a bunch of perverts. But many people would say “free”. Being told to use the word […]

5 Ways You’re Killing Your Store’s E-commerce Conversion Rate

You love your Shopify store’s storefront.  It’s become your baby. Maybe you’ve spent hours tweaking it and making it look just how you want it. But what about your e-commerce conversion rate? Why isn’t anyone adding anything to their cart? Why are you not getting sales? What’s tanking your e-commerce conversion rate? You’ve driven traffic […]

5 Ways Your E-Commerce Return Policy is Sinking Your Profits


Who actually enjoys laying out their e-commerce returns policy? As a Shopify store owner, the last thing you probably want to think about is someone wanting to return your product to you. It can be an icky feeling and it takes money out of your pocket. But if you’ve made enough sales you’ve probably realized […]

How Your Shopify Store Colors Are Scaring Off Your Customers

How can your Shopify store colors affect your site? First, a brief history lesson… Once upon a time, humans were (largely) much more primitive than they were now. Our ancestors had to use visual cues. These visual cues, mostly in the form of colors, kept them alive. Blue skies meant clear days that were good […]

The 7 Biggest Blunders of Conversion Rate Optimization

The Conversion Rate Optimization landscape is littered with misinformation about what you should split-test to grow your Shopify store. The problem is that there are so few case studies publicly available (for obvious reasons), that the same advice is re-hashed, recycled and repeated across dozens of “expert” blogs. But here’s some advice that’s tried and […]

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell: The Ultimate Guide

  [Part 1] How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell (To Be Successful Selling Online) Jump to [Part 2] Product Description Archetypes: The Shortcut to Selling Damn Near Anything Every online store owner should want to know how to write product descriptions that sell. One of the biggest conversion-killing mistakes I see store owners make […]

Free Plus Shipping Examples (Without Attracting Freebie Seeking Timewasters)

In this article, I’ll show you free plus shipping examples for your store. It’s no secret that free plus shipping offers or “tripwire” offers are a surefire way to rapidly acquire new customers and gain market share. But do they bring you the wrong kind of customers? First, let’s talk about how these types of […]

“7 Shopify Tools to Skyrocket Your Average Order Value”

You need to be raising your average order value. It’s no secret that making more revenue from each and every order that your store gets is the difference between whether you lose money or profit. If you’re only selling one product for every order you get, then your store will struggle (unless you have huge […]

Does Live Chat Increase Sales? (Turning Your Chat Into a Sales Machine)

Does live chat increase sales? We talked about how live chat can be incredibly useful at revealing conversion killers in this article but on top of that, it can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to help increase your Shopify store’s conversions, sales and profits. In fact, a study by the American Marketing Association study shows that live chat can increase […]