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Shoptimized Changelog

5.1.2 Changelog

  • Fixed Paypal alignment button issue on cart page affecting some stores.
  • Fixed red bar incorrect license issue (intermittent issue affecting some stores)
  • Shopify native multi currency support with full GEOIP integration. (Free shipping threshold will only work with native currency due to Shopify currency limitation)
  • Optimized facebook messenger button placement (Shopify FB Integration)
  • Fixed compatibility with volume and tiered discounts by Hulk apps
  • Fixed arrow bug when page becomes greyed out while accessing menus
  • Cart page discount box formatting fixed
  • Added checkbox to omit currency notification text on the cart page
  • Optimized conditions for social sharing icons
  • Optimized logic for scarcity bar, real time stats now working on per variant basis.

5.11 Changelog

  • Sticky product image inner zoom fixed.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the image scroll feature. 
  • Super collections now show in the correct number of user-defined rows.
  • HTML content can now be added below the shipping details on the shipping tab.
  • Mobile stats bar minor bugs fixed and improved functionality.
  • New option for no borders for product thumbs and main product image.
  • The hidden search bar icon fixed.
  • Mobile Cross-Sell design/responsiveness fixed for newer devices.
  • New enhanced out of stock tooltip for mobile/desktop.
  • Wishlist Add/Remove tooltip enhanced.
  • Product countdown timer 3 fixed.
  • Visitor counter settings reinstated.
  • New theme translation options added to Cart page
  • Header responsiveness fixed
  • Cookies acceptance and social-proof pop-up behavior enhanced
  • Related product responsiveness fixed.
  • Currency-related product tabs issue fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with the dropdowns on the sticky ATC.
  • Promo bar will now not show on mobile product pages when enabled in the statistics bar.
  • Added no-index and no-follow search engine options.
  • JS Code Optimization (Improved performance & speed)
  • Minified CSS and JS Code (Improved performance & speed)
  • Variant Images Size Optimization (Improved performance & speed)


5.1 Changelog

Mobile Specific changes

  • Mobile sticky cart bar functionality enhanced – Now you can include an ATC button and Buy Now (direct to checkout button) simultaneously on the sticky cart bar, new options slide feature so users can confirm their variant selection before checkout, now the mobile sticky cart bar can completely replace the conventional ATC buttons. Includes wishlist icon by default.
  • New 2.5 items per row mobile carousel feature, prompt users to scroll your page content naturally without the need for arrows taking up vital page space.
  • New mobile statistics bar feature, remove clutter from your product pages and keep vital stats on view for your customers, customize which stats show. Show custom messages on a per product basis via tags or global messages via the config.
  • Mobile Currency selector relocated to the menu.
  • New automatic search bar feature on page scroll – search bar can automatically display when scrolled to the top of the page.
  • Contact details added to the mobile menu.
  • Mobile review section now shows 2 reviews at once instead of 2.


 Desktop & Mobile devices

  • Totally redesigned product thumbs and carousels site-wide – lightweight, flexible in options and functionality. 3 options, Items can display in boxes, boxes on hover over, or no boxes. Boxes dynamically resize as needed.
  • Flexible product page layout (product images thumbs on left or right of the main product image)
  • Free shipping threshold now working with all currencies and locations via GEO-IP, finally your global customers will have a threshold to attain in their native currency.
  • New product options feature, add variant swatches and ATC/BUY now buttons to products thumbs in carousel and collection view, allow your customers to browse your store and make purchases without leaving collection or home page.
  • New Mega Menu builder and a new level of flexibility, drag and drop mega menus to change position.
  • New Super-collections feature – create parent category pages that include all child collections in carousels or rows with ”View More” more buttons for each collection.
  • New all collections page, display all collections in carousels or grid view with ‘’View More’’ buttons.
  • Elements-rich, fully sectioned homepage
  • New Homepage sections for Blog content, new lightweight Instagram section, features section and new html section.
  • New dynamic product images feature on product pages, you can now work with multiple different sized images on product pages without issue. (Boxes resize automatically.)
  • New content scroll feature on product pages, keep your product images on display while your customers scroll through the content.
  • New wishlist feature added – it is based on local browser storage, not cookies so it won’t be lost on cache clear
  • Custom URL on ATC – When enabled simply insert any URL as a product tag to divert its ATC button to that URL. Ideal for selling via Amazon.
  • Reworked Footer Row 1 & Row 2, now in rows of 4, designed to display more helpful info.
  • Full Ajax Klaviyo experience implemented for seamless integration.
  • New cookie acceptance pop-up message – no need for an app.
  • Deal of the day reworked to display the daily deal in the desktop header or on the mobile menu with a scarcity timer.
  • Ajax based filters on collections – display results faster, without the page reloading.    
  • Enhanced cart page experience – simplified and clutter removed.
  • Homepage image slider now has support for countdown timers for time-sensitive offers.
  • 2 arrow placement options for desktop, hidden or on display option for mobile.
  • Scarcity bar includes new option to work on a per product basis via tags.
  • New social proof pop-up design/functionality.
  • New circular variant swatches design.
  • You can now use product images as swatches

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