Why aligning marketing with your customer journey matters | Shoptimized™

Being able to align your marketing techniques with your customers is so important. Your marketing should be completely designed for your customers and the demographic that you are trying to target. If you are not doing that, or thinking as deeply about your marketing like that, then you are falling behind all of your competitors. Your customers want to feel as if they are apart of something. Your marketing efforts are your chance to be able to do that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many companies do well at the start of the sales funnel, which involves targeting an audience and then drawing the in with specifically designed niche content.
  • Another place where companies tend to do respectably or better is at the point where the sale actually happens.
  • Where many companies fall down is in the center part of the funnel, where customers need to get that ongoing interaction, either face to face, or by email or other ways.

“The session offered a sophisticated blueprint to calibrate marketing, sales and content for different personas at each stage of the buyer journey.”

Read more: https://searchengineland.com/smx-east-session-recap-aligning-marketing-with-your-customer-journey-306987

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