The Best E-Commerce About Us Page Examples

Are you looking for the best e-commerce about us page examples?

If you’re like most Shopify store owners, when it comes to creating an About Us page, it’s probably a bit of an afterthought. “Oh yeah, I need to tell people something about my store, I’ll write up something that sounds good”

And then what’s worse, it gets buried in the footer menu somewhere never to see the light of day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that thought process and at one point I had it for myself.

Most dropship stores I see write entirely about themselves and don’t relate it to the customer. It’s mostly generic – “…we aim to give you the best products at the best prices with the best service”.

However, the age of the internet has leveled the playing field for a lot of businesses, and now more than ever it is almost more important to know WHO they are buying from.

In fact, 52% of respondents in a web usability report by Hugg/KoMarketing reported they wanted to see information about the company.

They can get it from anywhere, but why should they get it from you?

What should go on your E-commerce About Us page? (With E-commerce About Us Page Examples)

Now we know that your potential customers are looking to learn more about you, what exactly is the best way to explain it to them?

Keep in mind as you answer these questions, it’s not entirely about your company.

It’s about your audience, or rather, the value you provide them.

What’s your story?

Tell them how and why you got into your business in the first place. Buck Mason has an incredible story about how two neighbors started making modern versions of classic American clothes in a 350 square foot garage.

e-commerce about us page examples
BeardBrand has an eccentric founding story about the founder headed to Portland, OR for the 2012 West Coast Beard & Mustache Championships.

Your story doesn’t have to a one-in-a-million chance encounter. But it must connect to your audience.

What’s your cause?

Who’s your typical customer? What impact do you have on their lives?

e-commerce about us page examples
Tortuga’s backpacks came from two guys wanting a better backpack.
e-commerce about us page examples
Everlane’s success lies in the fact they are focused on being an ethically conscious business. Down to the way they source their materials. They share the journey of creating each product with the customer.
e-commerce about us page examples
Shinesty’s humorous, straightforward mission statement fits right in with their brand “We created Shinesty for one reason and one reason only: To bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen.”
e-commerce about us page examples
KinkyCurlyYaki describes how their company “was born out of the need for high-quality textured hair extensions that blend perfectly with all hair types.”

They further state how “Hair is such an important part of how Black women show up in the world and we wanted to equip you (and ourselves) with the power of versatility.”

e-commerce about us page examples
Pure Cycles states it “was founded with one mission in mind: to get more people on bikes.”

e-commerce about us page examples
Pantagonia explains how their clothing company is “in business to save our home planet”

How is it made?

Is there something that people would find interesting about how your product is made or your business model?

e-commerce about us page examples
Sportique talks about how they curate “500+ brands from over 30 countries around the world”

Who’s the face?

Putting your team or your own photo on the page gives an amount of credibility to the business. Photos can be crazy effective conversion triggers. Including a picture of a company founder or leader can increase conversions by up to 35%.

e-commerce about us page examples
Boredwalk T-Shirts nicely showcases how “it’s more fun to buy stuff from actual people than faceless anonymous corporations, so meet Matt and Meredith, the creative twosome behind Boredwalk.”
e-commerce about us page examples
Purple does a great job of showcasing the two founders of the business in an illustrated story of their journey.

Tying it together

Using explainer videos can help tell these points in a persuasive and ideal way.

To summarize, the About Us page should be the home for your beginnings, to show off your “behind the scenes”, and to be a sales page in the sense that you are giving your elevator pitch about your business and not just your products.

e-commerce about us page examples
Peloton does an amazing job of summarizing their business goal on their About page: “We’re dedicated to creating a cutting-edge fitness experience that makes working out at home a viable, exciting option.”

How to write an E-commerce About Us page

The best Shopify stores use ‘About Us’ pages to tell a story about their brand.

Any story needs a main character you are rooting for. So does every About Us page.

That might be your, or your team. For others, the business itself might be its own character.

Stories all must have a period of transition. From one point to another.

Your ‘About Us’ page should reflect that change as they read along. This list is a great starting point for creating your narrative

  1. Set the stage. Give an intro to the “characters” or setting of your business. Tell the audience “the way things were” before your business. Or for your target customer or industry.
  2. What’s the conflict? What problem caused you or your business to respond to that need?
  3. Meet the problem. How did you find a solution (starting your business) and the struggles you had along the way.
  4. Slaying the dragon. Tell us your big wins and how your business is pursuing its mission.
  5. What’s next? What’s the next thing you’re trying to reach for?

When you combine all these elements, you get something like this:

About Us Template Shopify

[THE TEAM] started [BUSINESS] because [REASON].


Along the way, [DRAGONS SLAYED, BIG WINS].

We want to be [FUTURE GOALS]. Keep in mind, this shouldn’t be the exact copy that you use. It’s a little boring and dry as is. Make sure to write it in the first person, using “I” and “We”, to build more of a personal connection. The story is just the start. The About Us page shouldn’t just tell the story and that’s it. It should show it. There are other elements that can help define your brand that you should include.

Things You Could Include On Your About Us Page

Your Business Model (With E-commerce About Us Page Examples)

Is your business model somewhat unique?

Think of how the Dollar Shave Club revolutionized the industry by having a subscription box for razors.

Or Netflix with streaming movies.

Linjer describes how their founders “were fed up with choosing between fast-fashion and overpriced luxury brands…so we designed our own products, replicated the supply chain of luxury brands, and began selling our products online in 2014.”

e-commerce about us page examples
Brooklinen was “built to deliver simple, beautiful home essentials at a fair price. By cutting out the middleman, we bypass costs like wholesaling, storefronts, and designer licensing fees that have no bearing on quality.”

It doesn’t have to be cutting edge to mention. There are examples in history of companies mentioning the same things that all companies in the same industry do, but they are the first ones to mention it.

Some of your own examples may be:

  • How you pass the savings on to the customer by cutting out the middleman that’s typical in your industry
  • How you donate a certain percentage of profits to charity
  • And how your packaging is environmentally conscious
  • How your business positively impacts your community

You can even tie it all together with an easy to understand illustration to show how your business works at a high level

e-commerce about us page examples
Taylor Stitch does a good job at showing how they’ve “taken 10 years of feedback and are doubling down on our commitment to building the best possible clothing while pledging to limit our environmental impact. From fiber to fabric to factory to end functionality”

Press mentions, testimonials, and awards

How are you affecting your customers’ lives? How are they talking about your product?

There are different ways to integrate social proof into your Shopify store.

For example, Loox. Firstly, it’s free. Second, it invites users to send in a photo of them holding/wearing their purchase in return for a discount coupon off their next purchase.

When your prospects see real people using the product, it’s so much more powerful than just a simple written review.

In addition, the paid version allows you to import reviews from AliExpress, so if you’re dropshipping from there, you can leverage other customers’ reviews until you start getting your own.

This gives your Shopify store instant credibility.

Quantifiable numbers (With E-commerce About Us Page Examples)

Numbers help give more of a foothold for what you are trying to prove and are less arguable.

Consider what numbers you could integrate into your About page to prove your mission statement or company objective.

Tying figures into your company’s narrative put “your money where your mouth is” so to speak.

Consider the two following statements: “Purchases of our clothes help kids go to college. Kids in America are dropping out each day. A part of all our profits goes to helping kids in need” Compare what the company, Merit, uses on their about page.

e-commerce about us page examples
You can see the effect that adding numbers has on this idea. It anchors your belief to something more tangible.

This is what builds better trust between brands and consumers and there’s nothing stopping you from doing it either.

Putting a face to a brand (With E-commerce About Us Page Examples)

If people do business with people and not brands, then what better way to show that there are real people behind your business than to put your team’s picture on your store’s About page? Also, even if you only highlight yourself and not your team, it’s a chance to build your own brand for making quality stores and serving your market.

A gallery of photos or videos will do wonders (With E-commerce About Us Page Examples)

Break up the media on your page between your text with images and videos. At the minimum, find some photos that at least give a backstage view of part of your business.

e-commerce about us page examples
FireBox’s ridiculously crafted About Us page matches their entire branding of their products.

If you’ve created a video that lets your customers know something about some of your products, your location, or your business then the About page is a great place for it.

Call to actions to wrap it up

Your About page can also be used to send visitors to other parts of your online funnel to keep up with you for new updates. Stitch Fix knows how to make the most of their About page. At the end of the page, they offer a way to Get Started as well as a link to ask questions about their service. Incorporate any relevant links with an appropriate call to action.

It gets better with age

When you’re just starting your store, it may seem like there’s not a lot to say. But if you know what you do for your customers and why you do it then you have a great starting point. You can always add more as you gain new insight into new business accomplishments.

For stores that are a bit more developed and have a bit of a following, it may be worth checking your analytics to see how many people stop by your About page. Whether you are just starting out or already cranking out sales, your About page is a valuable asset to your business, often underutilized.

What to do now

Crack open a Google Doc and start getting some ideas down, things will flow from there.

If you suspect your store needs more than just a killer About Us page, you might want to check out the Shoptimized™ Theme.  It’s hands down the fastest Shopify theme and converts like no other.

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