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Shoptimized 5.1.1 Changelog

  • Sticky product image inner zoom fixed.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the image scroll feature. 
  • Supercollections now show in the correct number of user defined rows.
  • HTML content can now be added below the shipping details on the shipping tab.
  • Mobile stats bar minor bugs fixed and improved functionality.
  • New option for no borders for product thumbs and main product image.
  • Hidden search bar icon fixed.
  • Mobile Cross-Sell design/responsiveness fixed for newer devices.
  • New enhanced out of stock tooltip for mobile/desktop.
  • Wishlist Add/Remove tooltip enhanced.
  • Product countdown timer 3 fixed.
  • Visitor counter settings reinstated.
  • New theme translation options added to Cart page
  • Header responsiveness fixed
  • Cookies acceptance and social-proof pop-up behaviour enhanced
  • Related products responsiveness fixed.
  • Currency-related product tabs issue fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with the dropdowns on the sticky ATC.
  • Promo bar will now not show on mobile product pages when enabled in the statistics bar.
  • Added no-index and no-follow search engine options.
  • JS Code Optimization (Improved performance & speed)
  • Minified CSS and JS Code (Improved performance & speed)
  • Variant Images Size Optimization (Improved performance & speed)

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