Important Information for Online Fraud Victims

If you ordered an item from an online store and haven’t received it, please note that Shoptimized™ does not own any online stores trading under that name.

We are a software business and these fraudulent stores are operating using our trademark illegally.

We don’t have a relationship with them to be able to stop them. The perpetrators have devised a system of quickly opening stores and closing them again once they have taken people’s money. As soon as they close one store, they open another clone of it on a new domain.

It seems that the perpetrators are based either in South America or the Far East which makes it almost impossible to prosecute them.

We are notifying Shopify’s Risk Department (the e-commerce platform these stores are built on) each time we discover a new store. Shopify closes them down but unfortunately, a new store is opened immediately to rip-off more unsuspecting people.

Sadly, it seems you will never receive your order so your only recourse is to contact your credit/debit card provider or PayPal to file a chargeback/dispute.

How to avoid this type of scam