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Thursday, October 18th

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Only 200 Spots

Very Limited LIVE Training…

What You Will Learn On This Free LIVE Training:

Secret #1

How YOU can make MORE profit from your Facebook Ads, whilst spending less time – we’ll show you how customer X does saves 20 hours per week whilst his ads automatically CRUSH!

Secret #2

How you’re leaving PROFIT on the table by NOT leveraging this SIMPLE solution that takes just 2 minutes to set up!

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How to SCALE your ads past 7 Figures and beyond, automatically .. EVEN whilst you sleep! Don’t believe me? We’ll show how customer Y does $100 mil+ per year using this proven system!

After working with some of the world’s most sophisticated brands as a conversion rate optimization consultant and helping them achieve double and sometimes triple-digit growth in under 12-months, Bradley decided to create his groundbreaking training that was first released in 2015 to help newer store owners rapidly grow their businesses. He also architected the #1 selling unofficial Shopify Theme.

Bradley Long

Founder of Shoptimized

Martyn has been advertising online for the last 10 years. With millions of dollars spent and multi-million dollars earned across a plethora of niches, categories and channels.

To date he has sold items spanning clothing to jewelry, gadgets to dog collars, books, training courses, software and so much more – each with its own uniquely subtle approach, leveraging social media and the advertising platforms within them.

In his younger years, Martyn built, managed and ultimately sold a social media agency that owned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube communities spanning more than 20 million people.

Armed with his experience, enthusiasm and know how, Martyn is primed and equipped to share the findings and strategies he’s uncovered in his own uniquely expert way.

Martyn Cook

Ecommerce, Facebook Advertising, Scaling + Growth


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