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Plug These Follow-Up Emails into Your Store to

Pull-in an Extra 10-30% of Backend Profits

Let Our Team of Email Marketing Experts Setup a Completely Automated System in Just 7-Days

Personalized = Profits

It’s no secret that sending personalized emails to your customers not only convert better because they’re more relevant but they also increase brand loyalty…

Think about it…

What’s going to keep your subscribers more engaged?

Blasting out generic, one-size-fits-all emails with irrelevant offers or sending personalized offers based on their browsing and buying history?


But it’s not just the personalization that boosts your backend profits…

…First, you’ll need intriguing subject lines that get your emails opened…

…You also need to avoid the words that will send your emails straight into your customers’ spam folders.

…Then you’ll need well-thought-out content in your emails to sandwich your offers…

…And of course, you’ll need compelling offers that convert into sales.

But setting up the tech for this takes time and requires the right tools…

And that’s why we created our Klaviyo implementation service so you can literally plug in these high-converting personalized emails into your store to create the perfect follow-up funnel.

Start sending highly profitable emails in just 7-days from now without all the headaches of setting up Klaviyo, writing emails and figuring out promotions

Let us create integrate Klaviyo with your store and set up your email campaigns for you:

Step 1

Place your order with us

Step 2

Fill out a short form

Step 3

We build your email campaigns

Step 4

You send emails & make sales

What You Get With the Klaviyo Implementation

Your store fully integrated with Klaviyo

If you don’t have a Klaviyo account already, we’ll get it setup so you can start sending profit-pulling emails just 7-days from now.

Fully Branded Emails

All the emails we create for you will have your logo and button colors that match the call-to-actions on your store.  This way you get a consistent design to help build a strong brand.

Base Template Creation

As well as creating you all the emails you need to start making back-end profits (see pricing options), we’ll create a template for you to be able to quickly blast out a promotion every time you need to.

Mobile Friendly Emails

It’s no secret that most emails get opened on mobile devices. We make sure your emails look great on mobile and also include preview text to help get your emails opened and read.

Perfectly Timed Broadcasts

Each automated flow we setup for you  is configured to send out at the optimum time.  This way your emails are more likely to get seen, opened and acted on.

Precise Targeting

There’s nothing worse than receiving irrelevant emails so we’ll setup your campaigns to only show relevant stuff to the right people at the right time.


Finally able to launch several Shopify Stores

I ordered 3 Shopify sites and they were all finished sooner than I expected. Now I have literally no excuses when it comes to getting my stores off the ground and launched. I will be ordering more soon! Don Lyons

Best decision I made

Best decision I made with going with DFY to customize my e-commerce page. Honestly speaking, I doubt I would’ve gotten my site to look as crisp as it is currently.

Huge time saver and definitely worth it. The cost is very reasonable compared to other companies offering similar services. I will be using him for my other e-commerce sites that I am currently thinking about.

He is great with communication as well, asks you exactly what you want for your page and if you are indecisive about anything, he offers his professional advice. J

Great service, surpassed my expectations

Purchasing the DFY to customized my e-commerce page was one of the best decisions I made.

There are so many moving parts to having an e-commerce store so getting freed up from worrying about page design, first products and where to get them. Help me focus on getting customers.
Kory responded very quickly to my questions and suggestions.

For anyone looking to get his service, I suggest making sure you research what niche, other. Competitors stores you like as well as products. To help in the process of building your store.

Excellent service, speedy turnaround, I will use this. service again in the future. Nana Boakye

Choose Your Email Setup Package

Simply choose the package to suit your needs and we’ll have your email campaigns ready to start sending in 7-days. We can also quote you for custom extras if you need them.


The Essential 6 Campaigns


Ready For The Next Level


Every Email You’ll Ever Need to Send

  • 3-Part Abandoned Cart Sequence
  • New Customer Brand Indoctrination Sequence
  • Thank You Upsell Sequence
  • Lapsed Customer Win-Back Sequence
  • Browse Abandonment Sequence
  • Product Review / Cross-Sell Sequence
  • 30-Days Aftersales Support


One-time payment

100% Secure Checkout

  • Join Us on Social Media Email
  • Shipping  Confirmation Cross-Sell Email
  • 4-Day Cash Machine Email Sequence
  • Personalized Cross-Sell Email (Offers cross-sells based on their purchase)


One-time payment

100% Secure Checkout

  • Urgency/Scarcity Countdown timers integrated into your promotional emails
  • Major Holiday/Event Promo Sequences
  • Everything OK? Email
  • Refer-a-Friend App Setup & Emails
  • Negative Review Email follow-Up
  • Happy Birthday App & Email
  • Christmas Gift Card Email


One-time payment

100% Secure Checkout

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on any services rendered since we are trading our time for money. We have to pay our team for the time they spend on your project. Therefore this Shopify/Klaviyo service is non-refundable.

What is included with your service?

Our done for you Shopify/Klaviyo setup service includes exactly what you see in the video and what you see under the “Our Services Include” section of this page. Any other work that you need will be considered additional work so please email us at: [email protected] and we’ll give you a quote for the additional services you need. You will also need an active Shopify account and an active Klaviyo account for us to be able to perform and complete your service.

Do I need a Shopify account?

Yes, you will need an active Shopify account in order for us to configure your website and install the necessary plugins and products. We will need access to your admin area to perform all the tasks needed to complete the service.

How long will it take to complete my campaign setup?

The typical turnaround time is 7 days from the time you have sent in the completed form to build the website. This time does not include any additional service requests or add-on services you make. The more you add to your project the longer it will take to complete.

Do you customize the imported products in any way?

We edit the titles to make them SEO friendly. We do not customize the descriptions, weight, prices (except for your markup), images or anything else that gets imported.

Do you provide any images besides the custom logo & homepage banner?

Yes, if your premium theme has spots for banners and other graphics, we will use professional stock images that compliment your store design.

What's covered by the 30-Days Aftersales Support?

Once we hand over your store you have a full 30-days to let us know if there’s something we missed or didn’t get right with the setup based on your chosen package.

If you need additional features added outside of your chosen package, we’ll gladly quote yours for the additional work.

Can I change or add services with this offer?

The items in your chosen package are needed to run your store efficiently. If you need or want additional Apps, products or other services you can send us a list of what you need and we will give you a quote based on your request. Anything requested beyond your chosen package is considered an additional service.

What if I want to drop ship high-ticket or sell print-on-demand products?

We can set up your store to do this for you but it means a bit more legwork on your side and getting a quote from us for the extra work involved…

If you want to sell high-ticket items, i.e. electric bikes, these are best sourced from US-based suppliers so you’d need to set up the supplier accounts yourself. Then you simply need to provide us with the product images and descriptions.

For Print-on-Demand, you’d need to create all the designs yourself then simply provide us with the product images and descriptions. You’d also need to set up accounts with fulfillment partners like Printful and Pillow Profits.

Please contact us for a quote for the extra work.

What if I don't already own a copy of the Shoptimized™ Theme?

Well, if you’re viewing this page you should already be a customer but sometimes people share the link.

We don’t provide this service for any other theme so you can grab a copy of the theme here before selecting your Business-in-a-Box package.

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