The Best Social Proof App for Shopify (And How to Build Trust)

What is the best social proof app for Shopify and how can it help your store? First, let’s define social proof in the context of e-commerce: Any method of showcasing other people loving your product in a believable manner. This builds trust and makes a customer more likely to buy if they’re on the fence. […]

How to Add Urgency and Scarcity to Your Shopify Store (And Why?)

Stopwatch in a hand

How do you add urgency and scarcity to your Shopify Store? What do these terms mean exactly as they relate to getting your visitors to become buyers? And better yet, why the hell should you care? A lot of store owners think that having a beautiful looking store equates to better sales “If my store […]

9 Elements of High-Converting Product Pages

Elements of High-Converting Product Countdown Timer

Whether you’re sending traffic to a Shopify product page or a custom landing page built with an app like Funnel Buildr, you need to make sure you have these 9 essentials covered to get the ‘Add-to-Cart’.  Here are some irrefutable design rules to make your product page convert better (all of which are factored into […]

Find Winning Products

Learn How To Find Winning Products (It's Not How You Think)

What if I told you that your quest on how to find winning products has nothing to do with what you thought? The truth is, you could spend weeks researching what is the best winning product. A lot of dropshippers jump from product to product advertising on Facebook. I get it. You want that glorious […]

How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell: The Ultimate Guide

  [Part 1] How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell (To Be Successful Selling Online) Jump to [Part 2] Product Description Archetypes: The Shortcut to Selling Damn Near Anything Every online store owner should want to know how to write product descriptions that sell. One of the biggest conversion-killing mistakes I see store owners make […]

Amazon’s Secret Weapon – Delivery Prediction?

Amazon's Secret Weapon

Amazon is undeniably the world’s leader in stock control, warehousing, and logistics. Which makes it easy for them to tell you precisely when you’ll receive your order. Want to know how they do it? Then, continue reading to know what is Amazon’s secret weapon. Because of this, It will come as no surprise to you […]