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Let Our Team of Shopify Store Experts Build Your Store The Right Way And Have it Ready to Start Selling in Just 7-Days

Here’s Your Chance to Start Profiting in Just 7 Short Days from Now

If you’re trying to get your store setup without any prior experience or even if you’ve done it before, it’s time-consuming and often frustrating to figure out all the moving parts and get them working seamlessly.

And what’s worse is that you could spend days setting it all up only to find that it doesn’t convert.

That’s why we created the Shoptimized™ Business-in-a-Box solution so you can have your store ready to send traffic to and make sales in the next 7-10 days.

All you need to do is tell us what you want to sell and we’ll do the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

With our Business-in-a-Box service, you get the keys to a fully finished Shopify store which comes complete with logo (if needed), a proven niche and products handpicked and approved by us.

Plus you’re safe knowing we have dozens of successful 6 and 7-figure stores using our system…

Simply choose the package that suits you and our team will work 1-on-1 with you in setting up your dream Shopify store.

Start selling in just 7-days from now without all the headaches of sourcing products, learning Shopify or the best apps to use

Let us create you a stunning Shopify Store that is ready to take orders and make sales. A 100% turnkey solution custom made and hand delivered. You own it and YOU keep all the profits!
Step 1
Place your order with us
Step 2
Fill out a short form
Step 3
We research up to 25 proven & unsaturated products
Step 4
We build your website
Step 4
You send traffic & make sales
What You get With Your Shoptimized™ Business-in-a-Box

Fully Configured Shoptimized™ Theme (Sold Seperately)

We’ll set your theme up to turn more browsers into buyers, customized to suit your chosen niche.

Custom Logo & Homepage Banner

First impressions count for everything online, we’ll make sure your store’s branding is on-point and credible.

Klaviyo Email Integration

It’s no secret that the real money gets made in e-commerce after the initial sale. We set up all the essential email campaigns you need to drive repeat business.

Google Analytics Integration

What gets measured gets improved. Track every vital metric for your store to see where the biggest opportunities for growth are.

Domain Setup

We’ll link your chosen domain name to your Shopify store so visitors see you as professional and trustworthy.

Shipping Rates Setup

Your shipping rates have a huge effect on conversions and also the profit-per-sale that you make. We’ll set these up to optimize for both.

Hot Selling Products

You get up to 10 hand-picked products to sell in your new Shopify store. Choose any niche you like or let us decide for you.

Legal, About Us & Contact Pages

We will create and configure your About Us, Contact, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages.

Recent Work


Finally able to launch several Shopify Stores

I ordered 3 Shopify sites and they were all finished sooner than I expected. Now I have literally no excuses when it comes to getting my stores off the ground and launched. I will be ordering more soon!

Ray Lyons

Best decision I made

Best decision I made with going with DFY to customize my e-commerce page. Honestly speaking, I doubt I would’ve gotten my site to look as crisp as it is currently.

Huge time saver and definitely worth it. The cost is very reasonable compared to other companies offering similar services. I will be using him for my other e-commerce sites that I am currently thinking about.

He is great with communication as well, asks you exactly what you want for your page and if you are indecisive about anything, he offers his professional advice.

Bobby K.

Great service, surpassed my expectations

Purchasing the DFY to customized my e-commerce page was one of the best decisions I made.

There are so many moving parts to having an e-commerce store so getting freed up from worrying about page design, first products and where to get them. Help me focus on getting customers.
Kory responded very quickly to my questions and suggestions.

For anyone looking to get his service, I suggest making sure you research what niche, other. Competitors stores you like as well as products. To help in the process of building your store.

Excellent service, speedy turnaround. I will use this service again in the future.

Justin B.

Get Started the Right Way

Simply order a done-for-you store and we’ll have your shiny new Shopify store ready to start selling in 7-days. We can also quote you for custom extras if you need them.
$1997 $1497
One-time payment
Got a Question? See our FAQ’s
“It will save you a lot of time and headaches and gives you the opportunity to start testing quicker.”
Marius Preez
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Want to Know More About How it All Works?
Here are some of the questions we get asked the most
Our done for you Shopify/Klaviyo setup service includes exactly what you see in the video and what you see under the “Our Services Include” section of this page.

Any other work that you need will be considered additional work so please email us at: [email protected] and we’ll give you a quote for the additional services you need. You will also need an active Shopify account and an active Klaviyo account for us to be able to perform and complete your service.
Yes, you will need an active Shopify account in order for us to configure your website and install the necessary plugins and products.

We will need access to your admin area to perform all the tasks needed to complete the service.
Our team of product sourcers (we call them the sorcerers) scour the web every day to find winning drop ship products that are trending now, not last month or last year.

And the easiest place to source them is eBay and Aliexpress. We prefer to find suppliers that are US-based wherever we can because it means your customers get their orders quicker and are more likely to come back and buy again. (It’s no secret that repeat customers are where the real money is made in e-com so it’s imperative to give your customers great shopping experience.)
There are two reasons:
Firstly, unlike other services who just import hundreds of saturated products using the same products aggregation services as your competitors, we actually handpick products for your niche.

We choose products that are gaining momentum so you can ‘ride the wave’ at the perfect time rather than try to catch it after it’s already broken.

Secondly, we found that adding hundreds of products made our clients feel completely overwhelmed when they were handed the keys to their store. They couldn’t possibly launch campaigns for them all in a reasonable time so some products became saturated by the time they got around to testing them.

This way, you can focus your attention on a smaller number of products with a higher chance of success because they’re unsaturated and handpicked for your unique store.
We aim to find products with an average order value of around $30+ which typically means you’ll be paying $10 or less from the supplier based on a 3x markup.

This way there’s enough margin to pay for your ads. We see a lot of drop ship stores others have created with products selling for $10 or so and they struggle to make a profit.

You should be launching 4-6 campaigns per day to find a winning product campaign. Your targeting and ad copy will have a huge influence on this.
Yes, if you’re not currently using our theme we can help you make the switch and get everything optimized to help pull in more sales.

If you’re already using the Shoptimized™ Theme, we can ensure you’ve set it up in an optimal way and make suggestions about your branding. Contact us for a custom quote.
The typical turnaround time is 7 days from the time you have sent in the completed form with all the info we need to get started.

This timeframe does not include any additional services that you ask for.  We’re super-flexible and have a highly skilled team so just ask us for anything extra you’d like us to quote for.

The more you add to your website the longer it will take to complete but we work fast so can usually turn things around pretty quickly.
Firstly, we edit the product titles and descriptions to make them SEO-friendly to help drive free traffic to your store.

Secondly, one of our copywriters writes a custom description for each product to ensure it persuades people to buy. Unlike other store setup services that merely copy and paste the often useless descriptions from Chinese suppliers, yours will be uniquely written for your store to convert browsers into buyers.
Yes, if needed, we will use professional stock images that complement your store design.
The items in your package are needed to run your store efficiently so we can’t take anything away from the set package.

But if you want additional apps, products or other services you can send us a list of what you need and we will give you a quote based on your request.

Just to be clear, anything requested beyond your package is considered an additional service but we’re super-flexible so we can add whatever you need once we agree on a price for the extras.
We can set up your store to do this for you but it means a bit more legwork on your side and getting a quote from us for the extra work involved on our side…

If you want to sell high-ticket items, i.e. electric bikes, these are best sourced from US-based suppliers so you’d need to set up the supplier accounts yourself.  Then you simply need to provide us with the product images and descriptions and we’ll upload them to your store.

For Print-on-Demand, you’d need to create all the designs yourself then simply provide us with the product images and descriptions. You’d also need to set up accounts with fulfillment partners like Printful and Pillow Profits.

Please contact us for a custom quote.
Well, if you’re viewing this page you should already be a customer but sometimes people share the link.

We don’t provide this service for any other theme so you can grab a copy of the theme here before selecting your Business-in-a-Box package.

Once we hand over your store you have a full 30-days to let us know if there’s something we missed or didn’t get right with the setup based on your chosen package.

If you need additional features added outside of your chosen package, we’ll gladly quote you for the additional work.
There are no refunds on any services rendered since we are trading our time for money. We have to pay our team for the time they spend on your project. Therefore this Shopify/Klaviyo service is non-refundable.