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If you are looking to promote yourself on the web, you need to think differently than your competitors. They are trying to get an edge on you and everyone in the same niche. Therefore, you need to think different. You need to act in a way that will get your site the most possible traction. You need to be competitive and make your marketing better than anyone else’s. Offer discounts and do email sign ups that will attract people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many new bloggers lose hope in their blogs when after a couple of months it still has low traffic.
  • Many website owners and bloggers think that to have traffic they need to invest a lot of money but one can succeed without spending much money.
  • One way to increase site traffic is to offer bonuses. You could offer visitors a free ebook when they refer their friends and family members.

“It’s a fact that most new blogs and websites don’t succeed and are either taken down or abandoned.”

Read more: https://www.theselfemployed.com/marketing/5-ways-to-promote-your-website-effectively/

Bradley is a Conversion Rate Expert and store owner since 2005. He’s helped some of the world’s most sophisticated brands to double and sometimes triple their conversion rates. He architected the #1 unofficial Shopify theme, Shoptimized™ and is also CEO of Funnel Buildr, the perfect tool for massively growing your store’s Average Order Value.

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